Spares and consumables for water processes are supplied to industries in South Africa - Water Treatment | Reverse Osmosis | Modular Water Sorage | Water Treatment Chemicals | Waste Water


Spares & Consumables Supply

WPM through all of its completed projects & growing service commitments has built up an incredibly vast array of both local & international suppliers of varied equipment spares.

Spares & Consumables supplied


  • R.O Membranes / UF modules / Nano / Micro filters, Membrane interconnector kits, Membrane end caps
  • Variety of Bag & Cartridge Filters

Chemical Dosage and Controls

  • Chemical Dosing pumps sales, Dosing pumps spares kits, Tubing
  • Bleed controller systems, Probes, Solenoids
  • Basic testing equipment for onsite labs, including re-agents

Chemical Supply

  • RO Anti Scalent chemicals
  • Hydrex Water Treatment Chemical Supply
  • Bulk raw material chemical supply
  • Flocculent chemical supply

Vessels and Service Kits

  • GRP (fibreglass vessels) Full range of sizes
  • Water Softeners Service Kits, Resin sales, Valve services, control valve sales, Brine Kits, Brine Tanks, Distributors (nozzles)
  • Deionization valve sales, control valves, PLC's, Distributors (nozzles)
  • Carbon Filtration Valves, control heads, Hygienic Distributors (nozzles)
  • Sand Filtration Valves, Distributors (nozzles)
  • UV & Ozone sterilization systems, Lamp replacements

Media & Analysis Services 

  • Deionization Resin - Supply and Exchange 
  • Activated Carbon Media- Supply and Exchange
  • Sand Filtration Media - Supply and Exchange
  • Mixed Bed Polishing Filters - Supply and Resin and Media Exchange

Media Approvals

  • Coca-Cola approved supplier of Jacobi Resins & Carbons
  • SAB approved supplier of Jacobi Resins & Carbons


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