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Automated Dosing & Controller systems

Commercial | Industrial | Mining | Municipal Sectors

WPM designs, assembles & installs various Automated Dosing & Controller systems.

Dosing and Control Systems offered

  • Automated Boiler & Cooling tower chemical dosing systems
  • Automated PH control dosing systems
  • Automated Chlorine dosing / monitoring systems
  • Automatic Boiler & Cooling circuit bleed controller units

WPM will advise on the correct sizing needs as per your incoming source water conditions, requirements & budget constraints.

We also carry the required pump spares / probes / solenoids etc. in stock and are able to ship as and when required.

  • Packaged Dosing Plants, Pre-Commissioned & Skid Mounted are also available
  • Various Inlet / Outlet sizes available – to suit Flow Requirements
  • Full Dosing and Control Installation - Retrofit / Maintenance & Servicing options are available
  • Chemical Tanks & Bund Enclosures available

Typical Applications

Boiler water conditioning & control | Hard water conditioning | Detergent savings, i.e. Laundries | Pre-treatment to Reverse Osmosis water plants | Pre-treatment to Deionization water plants | Manufacturing Plants | Cooling Tower Feed water treatment | Potable water sterilization | Municipal applications

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